April Round-Up: Recipes

Here is April’s Round-up of some of my favourite recipes I’ve discovered this month! In this issue, I’ve included a drink, a main and a dessert! I’ll continue with this layout unless I find good reason to not do so.

Turmeric Milk by nutritionstripped.com

I was so excited to see a recipe to use up the extra almost milk I had! My husband doesn’t like it and I mostly bought it to do some vegan baking for some friends. This recipe only requires heating and mixing and it was soooooo comforting!

Fresh Summer Rolls by Stephanie

I love reading about people who are adventurous when they travel. Stephanie took a cooking class and shared the recipe she learned for making summer rolls. They. Are. Revolutionary. So cheap and so customizable! We added chicken to our first batch and beef to the second batch. We also subbed spinach for lettuce. The peanut sauce is mouth-watering-ly good!

No Bake Healthy “Chocolate Raspberry Lentil Dessert Lasagna”

I am always looking to find healthy variations of desserts or snacks. Baking a dessert with lentils sounds like a great idea and we just so happen to have a surplus of red lentils. HMMMM. This recipe reminds me of summer trifles at a BBQ with a TAD less of the sweetness. Definitely want to try this when we have people over!

Did you try them? Click on the links and let the original creators know!


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