Why Am I Rooting for the One who DOESN’T Get the Girl?

Confession time… I am a closet-lover of Asian dramas. And my favourite part? The love-triangles. There’s just something about people competing for the affection of someone that really amuses me. Seeing each suitor try to outdo the other in hilarious unsuccessful ways…

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince is one of these beloved dramas. Fun fact: this is the only Korean drama I’ve watched in it’s entirety twice. It stars Yoon Eun Hye, Gong YooLee Sun Gyun and Chae Jung-an who get entangled in a web of love triangles. At one point you’re cheering on Eun Hye and Yoo, then suddenly Eun Hye and Gyun seem like a better fit! Jung-an and Yoo have a history but so do Gyun and Jung-an. Ah! Even the main character’s mom gets caught in a love triangle at some point.

To those unfamiliar with the show I am sorry for any spoilers… Stop reading now if you haven’t finished watching the series… [YOU’VE NOW BEEN WARNED]

Alright… whose still with me? So in Coffee Prince it’s evident from pretty early on in the show that the two main characters played by Eun Hye and Yoo will probably end up together (shocking right?) But, Gyun’s character ends up showing a lot of interest in Eun Hye and you get that somewhat predictable scene in a k-drama where the main characters are angry at each other and one of them is comforted by the side character who also happens to be in love with them…

I fall for this every time.

I always, ALWAYS hope that the main character will smarten up and see that their childhood friend, classmate or best friend has always been there for them in ways that the person they end up with hasn’t. The one’s who say to the other suitor “Hey, if you hurt her, I’ll beat you up.”

I love rooting for the underdog. They try SO HARD to please the girl. They’re willing to fight for her. Maybe that’s it. The side character is actively persuing the main girl, while the main character is too oblivious that he likes her until he finds himself jealous of the side guy.

Even though the days of dating are over for me, I still love when my husband pursues me and intentionally learns my likes and dislikes. For example, he knows that I’m getting into more crafty things, so he rearranged some of the budget so that we had enough in the hobby category for me to start in on a crafting project! Gosh, I love him!

My desire to be pursued appears to creep out as I watch fictional romances unfold. I love rooting for the one that pursues rather than the one who wins.

Does anyone know of any shows where the childhood friend, classmate or best friend gets the girl? I wanna watch that next!

Until next time,


P.S. For those who are less familiar with k-dramas, perhaps you’ll remember the vampire craze that was Twilight? If you couldn’t already guess… I was a Jacob fan from book one.


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