How Technology Changed the Way I Pack

I’ve been on my fair-share of travelling trips in my life time.

I’ve sat for 8 hours a day in a car on multiple occasions because that’s the cheapest way to get across Canada when you’re lugging a tent trailer everywhere.

I’ve spent more (MUCH MORE) than 8 hours in a plane crossing time-zone after time-zone finally landing in Europe and Asia.

I’ve spent these 8+ doing all kinds of things and I’ve noticed a trend as I’ve gotten older. The things I pack to keep me entertained have changed dramatically over the years. Or, at the very least, the way in which I do things has changed.

When I was especially young, I spent much of that time daydreaming of characters and plot lines for the various short stories, sagas and adventures that were running around my head. Oh, I had so many stories. Many of them were my personal spin on TV shows I watched like Digimon and W.I.T.C.H. I had created my own team of characters along with their digimon partners and W.I.T.C.H. girls along with their magic abilities and backgrounds. Heck I even invented a whole entire WORLD called Kepa (pictured below) and had a whole notebook of people who lived there and their bios.


My mind was filled to the brim of the supernatural and imaginary that it took the full 8 hours and more to get even a portion of it out on paper.

To make that happen I had to pack:

  • Multiple notebooks
  • Scrap Paper (to write letters to friends among other things)
  • Pencils/Pencil Crayons (MANY)
  • Sharpener
  • Scissors
  • Books
  • MP3 Player (so I could ignore everyone else in the car)

Next to clothes these things were MANDATORY before anything else.

Then somewhere between adolescence and adulthood and acquiring a phone… the imaginary stopped.

Technological advances were happening left, right and center. Suddenly, instead of writing letters to friends I could just text them. On the same device I could listen to music. Now my MP3 collects dust in our technology drawer, full of the songs of my angsty teenage years. Instead of needing piles of notebooks I had a NOTE app. My Kindle holds more books than I could ever dream of bringing! Instead of drawing I could take a photo. Heck, you can even CUT and PASTE with a phone. Haha…

On my next trip, I’d love to see myself returning to my old ways. To fight the urge to stare at a tiny screen. To turn it off. To pick up a pencil and paper again. And dream…

Until next time,




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