5 Reasons I’m Not Miffed About Work ing Part-Time Hours

I’ve noticed that when I tell people I work part time they usually respond with: “Well, I’m sure you’ll get full-time hours soon!” Something that suggests that the ideal is full-time work and I should be yearning for a 40 hour work week to come my way.

And I’m not.

I’ll outline a few reasons here so that the next time someone asks me I’ll have something to say:

1. My husband and I make enough money to live on already for our lifestyle.

The reason why I can say the word ‘enough’ is because when we budget each month there’s always enough to pay the bills, pay off student loans and live a comfortable life. We don’t have expensive tastes. At least with our current costs, we don’t NEED more income.

2. I enjoy having the time to make more time-consuming meals for my husband.

At the end of the day, when I ask my husband “What was satisfying about today?” his answer almost ALWAYS includes food. Whether it’s baked good for his lunch or a well-simmered dinner, I know my husband appreciates good food. While working part-time hours I can have dinner on the table by the time he gets home. It’s great!

3. I don’t feel the great need to be a breadwinner in my family.

This is probably closely tied with us making enough money as-is, but I don’t have the same prominent desire to provide financially like my husband does. It gives my husband great fulfillment to know he worked a full days work for us.

4. It gives me the opportunity to adjust to a new lifestyle.

All at once I became a married lady, stopped being a student, started a new job and moved to a new city. I work for an organization that cares deeply for the well-being of it’s staff. They wanted to make sure I had time to adjust to my new life and location which is much harder when you’re at work all day.

5. I have time to serve others through hospitality.

I love making good food and baking for people. If my husband and I want to have someone over for a home-cooked dinner, we can because I have time to prepare. If I want to bake fresh cookies for a group meeting I have later in the day I can!

Disclaimer: I don’t think it’s impossible for working moms to do the things I’ve outlined above, but I love having the extra time in my day to serve others and adjust to a very different life.

What do you think about working part-time? 

Until next time,



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