When I Forgot to Introduce Myself

It happens to the best of us.

You start a conversation with someone new and 5-10 minutes into the conversation you haven’t even asked their name. That’s pretty much what’s happened here.

Most people call me ‘Jen’ (only one ‘N’ is important) instead of Jennifer, if only to save the extra oxygen it would take to say the last two syllables. Or at least that’s what I assume.

I’m married & under 25. I used to be under the impression that I married really young, but in my current community it’s completely normal.

I’ve passed the university level of life with honours except in my final year where unless you’re doing a Master’s it really doesn’t matter how high your grades are as long as you pass.

My degree (and super expensive membership) allows me to teach English as a Second Language to adults (or to whoever asks…). I do a little bit of this, but it’s not my major day job.

I work for a non-profit Christian organization that works with university students. My role is to train and encourage the student leaders to have conversations about spirituality with their friends and classmates.

A few fun facts to end it all off:

  • I’m creative: in the digital graphic sense
  • I’m crafty: in the paper and glue sense
  • I cook: in the inspired by recipes, but I never follow them completely sense.

Until next time,



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