That Intro Post on Everyone’s Blog

Here it is. The first few coffee-fueled words that hopefully, HOPEFULLY will turn into a habit of processing the millions of posts, books, ideas that I take in everyday and turn it into something somewhat organized.

In the age I live in, input (and lots of it) is practically unavoidable. Although I thought I escaped the world of mindless advertisement by not watching television, marketers have out-played me. Google knows so much about me that the ads I get while using their websites are just plain eerie.

I got engaged on November 14, 2015 and almost INSTANTLY ads for rings, photographers and trunk shows (a concept I still don’t understand) started flooding the sides of my Facebook feed. Arguably, it was through a Facebook ad that my husband found a website to find a custom-made engagement ring on the cheaper end of the market. And I do love the ring… But I digress.

I’m sure I’ll talk about my cheapness at some point on this blog…

So, what’s the plan for this chunk of the internet that you’ve stumbled upon? As I’ve alluded to above, I get a lot of input (willingly or not). I believe that my words are not complete unless they are written down.

My goal is to give all this input an outlet to be refined into Somewhat Organized Output.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure.

– Jen


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